Bộ hóa hơi chất lỏng Horiba Liquid Vaporizer

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HORIBA offer a wide variety of liquid source vaporization systems to vaporize precursors stably and efficiently. Depending on your specific application there are four methods to vaporize deposition precursors: direct injection, mixed injection, bubbling and baking. HORIBA’s products meet the strict requirements of the semiconductor manufacturing market and other ultra-high purity applications for precursors such as HMDSO, OMCTS, TEPO and TEOS.

HORIBA have taken flow measurement principles and developed them to a high level. Liquid mass flow products using the differential pressure across a fixed orifice method provide fast response mass flow measurement and can be controlled by an integrated, highly repeatable, piezo control valve. HORIBA also offer liquid and gas flow products using a thermal sensor with a unique cooling technique that gives excellent flow measurement performance ideal for temperature sensitive chemicals. These flow measurement products can be linked to HORIBA’s range of direct infection systems with integrated flow control valve to provide stable delivery in vapor phase of to the point of use. The direct injection valves vaporize the chemical by pressure drop and heat. The latest generation vaporizers utilise the ‘Tornado effect’ to dramatically improve the vaporisation rate and prevent thermal decomposition of the precursor. Direct injection and baking systems for vaporising TMA are widely used in photo voltaic applications.

HORIBA vaporizers can be linked with HORIBA’s range of automatic refill systems to provide continuous delivery of vapor without downtime. Bulk precursor tanks can be exchanged without interrupting the manufacturing process. Please check out HORIBA’s flow measurement products for accurate, repeatable and stable vaporisation of chemicals.