Bộ kiểm soát lưu lượng khí Horiba Mass Flow Controller

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HORIBA offers a wide variety of products for mass flow control in the form of controllers and meters, our large range includes both gas and liquid flow controllers so you are sure to find one that meets your requirements. All our mass flow control products offer high accuracy and a fast response time.

The range of gas flow controllers includes two types of sensors, pressure-based and thermal type and three types of control valves; choose from thermal, solenoid, or piezo-electric. Our products utilise various communication types including analouge, digital, DeviceNet™, PROFIBUS™, and EtherCAT® (depending on product models).

The liquid product line-up can measure and control flows from 0.01 g/min to 100 g/min.
The gas product line-up can measure and control gas flows from 0.02 ccm to 1000 lm.