Chất kết dính Foseco Binders

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Foseco offer a broad range of organic and inorganic mould and core binder systems. Organic binders are almost exclusively synthetic resins, which are cured by the addition of a separate hardener or catalyst. Inorganic binders are based on sodium silicates that have been optimised to accommodate the varying casting processes, thus guaranteeing best decomposition.

Self Setting Resin Systems:

Furane, phenolic, alkaline phenolic and polyurethane no-bake resin systems.

Furane resin systems:

Foseco’s ESHANOL and FUROTEC resin systems are a range of furane binders and liquid catalysts suitable for the production of moulds and cores.

Alkaline-phenolic resin systems:

The FENOTEC system is an alkaline phenolic resin binder cured with an ester hardener. A range of hardeners are available to cater for a wide range of setting times.

Polyurethane no bake resin systems:

POLISET AL is a fast cure, two-part cold set binder system for high speed mould production. It is designed for thin-section aluminium castings requiring exceptional post casting breakdown properties. In addition, it has very low odour on mixing and casting.

POLISET E is a three part system providing excellent thermal stability combined with good post casting breakdown properties. It is ideally suited for heavy-section castings in all non-ferrous alloys.

Gas Setting Resin Systems:

Polyurethane cold box and CO2 set resin systems.

Polyurethane cold box:

POLITEC is a three component, polyurethane based cold box binder system for the high speed production of sand cores.

POLITEC E is a range of polyurethane cold box binders free from aromatic solvents that have been developed to meet stringent environmental and technical requirements. Odour levels and the release of aromatic compounds at the mixing and casting stage have been greatly reduced.

ECOLOTEC water based resole-CO2 process:

The ECOLOTEC process offers a unique combination of environmental, metallurgical and productivity advantages. The resin is mixed with sand and then hardened by gassing with carbon dioxide (CO2) thereby avoiding problems with smell and emissions.

Sodium silicates:

CO2 and ester setting sodium silicate binder systems.

CARSIL is a range of sodium silicate binders suitable for both moulds and cores.

VELOSET is a range of esters that enhance significantly the strength and reclamation rates of CARSIL bonded sands.

SOLOSIL is a range of low viscosity, high performance, sodium silicate binders with advanced breakdown agents. They are used as a one-shot addition and hardened by CO2.

Additives, Glues, Sealants and Release Agents:

In addition to binders and coatings, Foseco offers a range of ancillary products used for the production of moulds and cores. These products include release and parting agents, glues and sealants, and sand additives.