Máy và thiết bị khử khí Foseco GBF / FDU / MTS

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Degassing Equipment (FDU), Metal Treatment Station (MTS):

FDU rotary degassing equipment:

FDU degassing units are an automated metal treatment system for the environmentally-friendly degassing and cleaning of aluminium and copper alloys.

FDU units use the impeller principle with a patented rotor which creates fine inert gas bubbles and mixes them with the melt. These fine bubbles are distributed homogenously throughout the melt without disturbing the surface maximising the contact area between the gas and the melt. The effectiveness of the Foseco FDU means that higher levels of degassing and cleaning can be achieved and treatment times can be reduced.

Metal Treatment Station (MTS) one-step automated treatment system:

By using the MTS System (Metal Treatment Station) aluminium melts can be completely and automatically treated in one step. Whilst degassing with the proven FDU technology, all required treatment agents can be added at pre-set levels.

SMARTT Degassing:

SMARTT Degassing is a software module for FDU and MTS devices that predicts the best treatment practice based on ambient conditions, melt temperature, rotor design and alloy composition.

The SMARTT software determines rotor speed, inert gas flow rate and treatment time and transfers this data to the degassing unit before treatment begins to ensure a constant quality level and reliable results.

FDU Consumables:

Graphite Shafts and Rotors:

Graphite rotors are used in connection with the corresponding graphite shafts. Parts are vacuum impregnated to ensure a long life.

FDU XSR graphite rotor:

The XSR rotor type can be combined with all graphite shafts. Turbo cuts in the upper section of the rotor further reduce the size of the inert gas bubbles thus maximising the surface area of the bubbles for a given volume of treatment gas.

MTS FDR high-performance rotor:

The MTS FDR rotor has been specifically designed to offer good degassing performance and optimal melt homogenisation during MTS 1500 application. Furthermore it is suitable for degassing of ladles or crucibles with difficult geometries.