Miếng lọc xỉ Foseco Filters

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Foseco’s foundry filters are designed and produced with the best inclusion reduction and flow control characteristics in the industry.

Filtration effectiveness is largely dependent on the correct application and positioning of the filter. Foseco Service Engineers are able to provide technical application support for the calculation and design of gating systems

SIVEX Non-Ceramic Filters for Aluminium Alloys:

SIVEX FC filters are non-ceramic foam filters used in light metal casting. Although capable of removing inclusions from the metal stream, its primary purpose is to reduce turbulence and ensure quiet, smooth mould filling to minimise the risk of oxidation defects. Best results are achieved when positioned immediately as close to the casting as possible.

SIVEX FC filters float readily in remelt, so they can be easily removed by skimming. Because of their phosphate-free binder, SIVEX FC filters eliminate any risk of phosphorus pick-up during remelt.

SIVEX FC are available in various porosities:

  • coarse (10 ppi)
  • medium (20 ppi)
  • fine (30 ppi) (ppi = average number of pores per linear inch)

SEDEX SiC Filters for Copper Alloys:

SEDEX is a range of silicon carbide based ceramic foam filters suitable for copper base applications. The maximum application temperature for SEDEX filters is 1500 °C.

The high filtration effectiveness combined with a reduction in turbulence often allows gating systems to be greatly simplified. SEDEX filters can be positioned vertically, horizontally, or diagonally in a suitably designed runner system.